Employment & Assignment Eligibility

All disaster response personnel hired or contracted for temporary assignments are required to meet the following criteria.

Inside Florida
Outside Florida*
* Basic Background Experience:
  * Active Law Enforcement Certification / OR
* Min. 2-Yrs of Armed Private Security Experience / OR
* Min. 4-Yrs of Military Experience (with valid security license)
* No Felony Convictions
* Good physical health
* Florida Class "D" & "G" Security License
* Florida Law Enforcement Certification (Active)
* Security License, Other than Florida  
* NOTE: States vary in their licensing requirements and often grant waivers under emergency circumstances for licensed security officers and certified police officers from other states. Florida, however, is one state that rarely grants waivers to out-of-state security personnel and LEOs.

Personnel that are hired on a fulltime basis are also required to meet all additional employment criteria for CIS Special Services Group personnel as described in the employment section of the CIS web site.

Pay Rates

Pay rates for temporary officers assigned to disaster response operations varies between $1,750.00 and $2,800.00 per week, depending on the assignment and the officer's qualifications.

CIS also frequently offers bonuses for officers that can deploy on short notice.

Hiring Process

1. Complete and submit our online employment pre-qualification form. Our human resources personnel will then review your form to determine your eligibility for assignment as a member of our disaster management teams. Based on the status of your state security licensing or LEO certification, our HR Department will determine your status as a potential employee or contractor. We will then send you a full employment packet by mail.

2. When you receive the employment packet, complete all forms and return it to us in the self-addressed envelope. When we receive your employment packet, our HR Department will review your forms to ensure that all of the paperwork is in order and your name will be added to our call-up list. Your paperwork will then be placed in a file pending your future activation for deployment.

NOTE: We require that all employment forms are completed and received by our HR Department before your name is added to our call-up roster. This is necessary to expedite your processing as an employee or contractor when a deployment occurs.

3. When a deployment is required, we will send you an email announcing the deployment and details of the assignment. A member of our staff will also attempt to contact you by phone advising you of the opportunity. If you accept the offer, our HR staff will initiate processing of your archived employment paperwork and you will be provided with a copy of our disaster response SOP and specific operational details, including travel information.

Once you have received confirmation that your name has been added to our call-up list, periodically visit our Current Deployment Opportunities page for information about pending assignments and active developments as they occur.