CIS disaster response team personnel provide security and mitigation assistance to facilities located in multi-state post-disaster environments. Other unique services provided by disaster response teams include assets recovery, rescue of client employees stranded in locations with damaged infrastructure, and protection of mobile assets such as power line trucks and supply convoys traveling through affected areas. Although security is the primary mission for most our response teams, we also assist clients by providing emergency communications, food, fuel, transportation, and even medical assistance.

Since 2002, CIS has provided support for clients during every major disaster to strike the southern United States. Our clients during these deployments have included commercial property management firms, national-level retail chains, utility companies, pharmaceutical distributors, and shipping companies.

To effectively support operations in environments with damaged or limited infrastructure, CIS has developed specialized systems for maintaining reliable communications, command and control of hundreds of personnel and contractors, and ensuring the uninterrupted supply of essential food, fuel, and water.

Disaster Response Personnel

Most CIS Disaster Response Personnel are licensed security officers or certified law enforcement officers hired as temporary employees or contractors to provide protection for our clients under the direction of fulltime CIS field supervisors.

All CIS disaster response personnel are required to meet the following qualifications:


* Basic Background & Licensing Requirements:


* Active Law Enforcement Certification /OR

* Min. 2-years experience as an armed licensed security officer /OR

* Min. 4-years experience in the military (honorable discharge) with a valid security  license

* No felony convictions

* Must be willing to complete CIS disaster response SOP training

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