Critical Intervention Services is a Clearwater, Florida-based company that provides a range of protection and investigative services to businesses, governments, and individuals inside Florida and throughout the world. Founded in 1992, CIS is an industry leader in developing and instituting innovative and effective solutions for security and intelligence-related problems, especially those that involve high threat and escalated environments.

As a leading service provider, CIS has provided protective services for high profile individuals, including Senator Bob Dole, actor Steven Segal, news anchorwoman Paula Zahn, talk show host Sally Jesse Raphael, and civil rights leader Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and to governmental agencies, such as the Florida Department of Insurance during fraud investigations and court-ordered receiverships.

CIS has also conducted risk assessments and coordinated anti-terrorism deployments for critical infrastructure sites, such as chemical facilities and power generation plants. Through our strategic alliance with the S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute, our practitioners provide a range of training services to corporations and governmental organizations throughout the world including the Federal Bureau of Prisons, US Capitol Police, US Department of Justice, and US Special Operations Command.

Since 2002, CIS personnel have provided protective services during every major disaster to strike the southern United States. Some of our clients during disaster deployments have included power companies, pharmaceutical distributors, retail chains, and property management companies. To support these types of operations, CIS has developed a specialized infrastructure including IT-supported command and control systems, enhanced communications, and extensive logistical support systems.

When others are busy evacuating and moving out, CIS is just moving in!

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